The Microsave® liner is incredibly popular with catering professionals from across the globe due to its unique hygiene and cost-saving properties.

In brewery chains, fast food outlets, restaurants and hotels, literally thousands of commercial microwave ovens are in daily use, many of which are breaking down on a regular basis due to the lack of correct cleaning procedures.

These ovens become the obvious candidates for the Cavity Protection System when considering the LOSS OF PROFITS due to the “downtime” of the microwave, which could result in expensive repair costs, makes the Cavity Protection System a clear necessity.

The good thing is that the majority of these costs could be saved using the Cavity Liner, which protects the most vulnerable exposed parts. It massively increases the standard of hygiene and makes cleaning of the microwave simple, quick and efficient.

Having supplied to, and serviced microwaves in many major brewery groups down to the small country public houses, restaurants and clubs, we have witnessed the problems experienced in keeping the microwave cavities clean, it needed to be urgently addressed, so after many years of research and development, the new Cavity Protection System Liner for the SHARP, DAEWOO, PANASONIC & SAMSUNG heavy duty compact Microwaves came into being.

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