What our clients say

“The Microsave Cavity Liner is a simple, yet ingenious idea that essentially protects the interior of our microwaves, saving us time and money. It is easily removed, washed and replaced for next service, time and time again, avoiding any burnt food particles which can potentially cause scorched ceiling plates or cracked base plates.

It’s Simply Brilliant!”

Cyrus Todiwala OBE DL

Chef Patron

Café Spice Namaste

“We’ve been using the Microsave™ for several years and they’re brilliant. We were involved in testing out some prototypes when they were first being developed.

They’re easy to use and they cut back on general maintenance and daily caretaking and cleaning of the microwaves. We clean them three times a day after each shift. When you pull out the Microsave, the inside of the microwave is virtually clean; it just needs a quick wipe round.”

Ryan Kinneavy

Head Chef

The Spyglass Inn

“The liner certainly cuts down on cleaning time, spillages can be easily removed and cooking is far more evenly distributed.”

Matthew Oreschnick


The Caterer & Licensee

“We have tested it and we think it’s really good. The thing is that you just slip the liner out at the end of the shift and put it in the dishwasher to clean it. Before hand, we would have been getting our heads in to see where any spills had stuck”

Rita Delahunty


The Ship Inn

“Once food debris gets in there, you can’t get it out; this affects the performance of the microwave and can even be dangerous. Before we used the Microsave, we had an oven written off because of food splatter in the vents. I’d recommend any commercial microwave user buys a Microsave at the same time, absolutely. The cost of a Microsave is less than the cost of a repair!”

Michelle Feltham

Catering Supervisor

Silver Springs Coffee Shop

“Since the Cavity Protection System first came onto the market, it has been a “must” that every new microwave within my kitchens has a liner fitted. Since taking over as the Head of Food for the Orchid Groups 290 pubs and restaurants, with every new microwave supplied, the group has insisted that a Cavity Protection System is included.”

Dean Snee

Head of Food

The Orchid Pub Group