Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd, creators of the labour and money-saving Microsave Cavity Liner has received confirmation that its ingenious piece of kit has been approved as an authorised accessory by Panasonic Corporation, Japan.

The news comes ahead of the Commercial Kitchen Show where Regale will be unveiling its new CPS3A Microsave Cavity Liner, designed especially for Panasonic’s new NE-1878 all-metal door microwave with Inverter technology.

“This is great news for Regale; we are so proud to be associated with Panasonic and have our hard work from the past few years recognised by such an esteemed company, that produces the finest quality commercial microwave ovens worldwide.”

Osamu Fukuya, general manager, small appliance group, Panasonic Corporation, flew in from Japan for a meeting with the directors of Regale to inform them that the company has officially recognised the Microsave Cavity Liner as an authorised accessory for use in Panasonic’s range of heavy duty, compact, commercial microwave ovens.

Regale, a national commercial microwave oven wholesaler, invested several years of research and development before it created its Cavity Liner, which is now extremely popular with major brewery and restaurant groups such as Frankie and Benny’s and Chiquito. It is designed for use in high turnover restaurants and pubs where microwaves are in constant use; often for more than 12 hours a day, to help operators keep their ovens hygienically clean and trouble-free from food spillages and splatter, which can lead to damage of the ceiling plates, base plates and lens light covers if not cleaned properly.

The Microsave is placed inside the microwave oven cavity so that any food splatter is contained within the liner – all the operator needs to do is remove it at the end of or in between services, wash and replace to the microwave, saving on cleaning time, cross-contamination and unnecessary repairs.

Panasonic Corporation, Japan, recognised the potential in the Microsave and put it through stringent testing akin to that which its own microwave ovens go through, before confirming its status as an authorised accessory.

Barry Clark, technical, R&D director said, “This is great news for Regale; we are so proud to be associated with Panasonic and have our hard work from the past few years recognised by such an esteemed company, that produces the finest quality commercial microwave ovens worldwide.”

We have invented a unique commercial microwave liner

Microsave offers significant commercial and operational advantages. It is an easily removable and replaceable rigid TPX liner for a range of heavy duty commercial microwave ovens. The Microsave™ liner can be removed, cleaned and replaced in the oven, keeping the cavity clean and avoiding costly repairs and downtime.

5 Great Benefits of Microsave

  1. Hygenic. Helps keep the cavity of a Commercial Microwave oven clean and “Looked after”. A clean oven is an efficient oven. Environmental Health Officers check commercial microwave oven for cleanliness.
  2. Easy to clean. After each session, just wash with a little washing up liquid and warm water, spray rinse, then dry or leave to dry. It can also be placed in a non caustic dishwasher.
  3. Helps to avoid down time. Commercial Microwave Ovens that are not clean tend to break-down during the busy periods mostly due to ceiling plates sparking or base plates breaking. The Microsave Cavity Protection Liner avoids this.
  4. Helps to avoid costly repaired. Food Particles left on the ceiling plates, base plates and light lens can cause serious damage to the interior of a microwave as they carbonise cinder and then arc. Having a Microsave Cavity Protection Liner in the oven will alleviate these problems.
  5. Pays for itself. The costs of just one repair would pay for a Microsave Cavity Protection Liner and in the future will save hundreds of pounds in repairs.

Image the vast sum of money that has been spent having microwave ovens repaired just because of the problems experienced by kitchen staff trying to keep the interior free from grease and food particles.

We have come up with the answer and what is possibly the most unique and simple invention for trade users of commercial microwave ovens.

It is hygienic, food safe, microwave safe and easy to clean in the pot wash or a non-caustic dishwasher, yet it costs less than one service call!

This system has been invented by two engineers who have been working as manufacturer’s authorised service agents since 1983.

Having supplied to, and serviced microwaves in, a whole range of environments, from major brewery groups down to the small country pubs, restaurants and clubs, we have witnessed the problems experienced in keeping the microwave cavities clean. We thought it needed to be urgently addressed, so after many years of research and development, we developed the new Microsave Microwave Cavity Liner.

At the heart of the new system is an ingeniously designed TPX liner which is easily removed, cleaned and replaced in the microwave, protecting the entire cavity from grease and food particles which, if left, can cause serious or even un-repairable damage to the oven. 

The Microsave™ liner can be removed, cleaned (for example in a non-caustic dishwasher or pot wash) and replaced into the microwave oven, keeping its cavity clean as well as helping to avoid costly repairs and downtime.

It is a cost effective, easy to clean, Cavity Protection System offering significant financial and operational advantages by helping to maintain a clean oven, which helps prevent costly damage and can assist in avoiding inconvenient downtime. 

The product demonstration video below shows how the Microsave Cavity Liner works and helps you to save on costly repairs and importantly preventing downtime.

A key aspect here… less than 50% of the bottom of the cooking dish is on the base of the liner at any one time, resulting in further protection of the base plate. The unique lip retains any overflows or spills, which may occur during the cooking/reheating cycle. Below Barry Clark explains the features and benefits of the Microsave Liner system.

The designs, ideas and concept are covered by Patents with world wide patents applied for. The wording “Cavity Protection System” and “Cavity Protection Liner” are registered trademarks.