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Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd, creators of Microsave, have received confirmation that it has been approved as an authorised accessory by Panasonic Corporation, Japan.

About Microsave

We founded Microsave because we saw a gap in the market where we could save our customers time and money.

After being called out to service commercial microwaves in brewery chains, fast food outlets, restaurants and hotels, we noticed that many of these microwaves were breaking down on a regular basis due to a lack of correct cleaning procedures. This downtime was, in turn, losing our customers profits and causing expensive repair costs.

We worked out that the majority of these costs could be saved using a cavity liner, which protects the most vulnerable exposed parts. After three years of research and development, we unveiled the Microsave.

The Microsave is a Microwave Cavity Liner which provides total protection for the cavity, the roof, sides, back and base of a commercial microwave oven, saving not only hundreds of pounds in repair costs which are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, but also valuable time in keeping the oven clean and hygienic. It massively increases the standard of hygiene and makes cleaning of the microwave simple, quick and efficient.

5 great benefits of the Microsave® liner

Here's just a few of the benefits of using our unique commercial microwave liner:


Helps keep the cavity of a Commercial Microwave oven clean and "Looked after". A clean oven is an efficient oven. Environmental Health Officers check commercial microwave oven for cleanliness.

Easy to clean

After each session, just wash with a little washing up liquid and warm water, spray rinse, then dry or leave to dry. It can also be placed in a non caustic dishwasher.

Avoid 'down time'

Commercial Microwave Ovens that are not clean tend to break-down during the busy periods mostly due to ceiling plates sparking or base plates breaking. The Microsave Cavity Protection Liner avoids this.

Avoid costly repairs

Food Particles left on the ceiling plates, base plates and light lens can cause serious damage to the interior of a microwave as they carbonise cinder and then arc. Having a Microsave Cavity Protection Liner in the oven will alleviate these problems.

Pays for itself

The costs of just one repair would pay for a Micro save Cavity Protection Liner and in the future will save hundreds of pounds in repairs.

The Team

The founder of Regale Microwave Ovens Ltd came from a background of Armed services, sales management, company manager and buyer. He started Regale in August 1983.

Patrick L Bray
Managing Director
Barry joined Regale just after the company was registered in 1983. He, with the MD, became fully qualified factory trained engineers for both domestic (but majoring on commercial) microwave ovens.

Barry Clark
Technical and R&D Director
Adil joined Regale back in 2016 he was a qualified as MAAT and Regale were proud to be able to assist Adil to qualify to his new status of a qualified ACCA.

Adil Mir
Accounts Manager
Known to us as Artom (not to be confused with ‘Our Tom from up-North!’). Artom has been associated with Regale since the age of 16 years but actually joined Regale in 2014 as a stores assistant and progressed through hard work to become the Stores Manager

Artsiom Zinavenka
Stores Manager
It seems our Chris has been here for ever! Joined Regale at the age of 18 and helped Regale grow into the company that it is today 22 years later!

Christopher Lee Matkin
Sales and Logistic Manager
Poppy joined the team in 2014 initially as our Service and office administrator section of Regale Microwave Ovens and also looks after the service section and when the Microsave Cavity Liner was invented.

Victoria (Poppy) Bray.

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